donderdag 17 november 2016

Rutte belde postkamer

Naar nu blijkt heeft president Rutte president-elect Trump nimmer aan de telefoon gehad. Zijn naam ontbreekt dan ook in een persbericht waarin wordt gemeld dat 29 regeringsleiders inmiddels hebben gesproken met de Amerikaanse president.

Rutte belde weliswaar met Trump Tower, maar kwam terecht bij de postkamer, waar ene Fred Stroker hem te woord stond, zo blijkt uit het door Het Knipmes opgevraagde transscript.


'Yes, hello, this is Marc from Holland! Can I call you Donald, Donald?

'Well, actually the name is Fred'

'Fine. First many congrats on the new job, Donald. I've been doing this for a while, but you have just started!'

' Rutte...'

'Apologies for my colleges here in the Netherlands who have called you a mafklapper, charlatan and ladelichter. They didn't mean it of course. We're all great fans. I wish we had the two party system here in cold frogland, but unfortunately I have to deal with a lot of minorities with ego's bigger than yours. Hahaha!


'I assume the first thing you want to do is visit our great country, and I of course can arrange a trip to Madurodam, the Tulips, the Red District and other highlights.


'Well, my minute is up. So, rest assured that the VVD is and will always behind you and please mention my name in the press release. Marc Rutte, president of the Netherlands.'

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